Yes. With a wealth of experience and knowledge of current technologies (backed up by vocational courses and accreditations), I am adept in a number of IT industry disciplines. I have a great understanding and solid foundation of the underlying history and architecture of many technologies which enables me to function as a very well rounded and capable technical resource.


I prefer planning to mitigate against issues, but firefighting is in the nature of the roles I tend to perform.

My career has so far afforded me exposure to, and experience of, many environments and technologies.

More recently I have been involved in security, virtualisation, and storage.

I primarily manage Server estates and the associated network topologies.


My CV has a Technologies Portfolio which highlights some of the areas in which I am knowledgeable and experienced.

My LinkedIn profile has several articles I've written which give an insight into a number of technology subjects such as storage and encryption.

To summarise; If it ain't broke, don't fix it. If it is broke, give it to Andy.

...Heck, even if it isn't broke, let me have a look and I may well improve its performance, security or stability.

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