Throughout my career, I have been significantly involved in and led numerous high profile projects.

When involved in a project I ensure that timescales for which I am responsible are met, that communication channels are open and regularly used, that adequate planning is performed and that discussions regularly occur to revise progress and ensure that targets/goals will be met.


A particularly large and complex project I led was to migrate an established IT infrastructure of a large manufacturing base to new premises, consolidating three Server/comms rooms to just one. Detailed planning and documentation was required as was the management of third parties to ensure the success of the project. After months of planning, the execution and transition timescales were just one weekend. As planned, we met all deadlines and achieved business-as-usual service with no unscheduled downtime experienced.

Other significant projects I've led over the last couple of years include:

  • Design and implementation of ServiceNow rollout

  • Tenant migration of O365 environment

  • Created custom PowerShell scripted process to manage Hyper-V replication and failover for High Availability / Disaster Recovery

  • Implemented SAN-to-SAN Replication between two IBM V7000 units separated by a WAN link

  • Security modelled Antivirus and Internet services and acted as appointed UK Security Officer for the business. In addition defined global security policy and liaised with local management to ensure PCI-DSS compliance
  • Migration of corporate website to new host provider

  • Replaced VMWare ESX3.5 with vSphere 5.0, including upgrading vCenter Server, migrating VMFS3 storage to VMFS5 and relicensing

  • Implementation of Backup Environments

  • Enterprise Patch Management and software deployment solution to standardise the desktop estate and ensure a consistent and secure environment

  • Implemented cross-site WAN replication for high availability and disaster recovery planning

  • Managed a UK WAN migration as part of a global strategy to consolidate all WAN solutions to a common provider requiring being based in Germany for a large part of the project.

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