April 2020

Although currently availble to commence a new role, the Coronavirus outbreak has understandably had an impact on the projects prospective clients have available. In this uncertain period I have published additional LinkedIn articles, plus attended a number of workshops and seminars to maintain momentum and ensure my value proposition to new clients is relevant

January 2020

Whilst seeking new challenges in January I am ensuring my marketing collateral (CV, LinkedIn, this website) are updated appropriately and I have begun work on writing new LinkedIn articles

December 2019

The technology transition project successfully concluded on 31st December to schedule. Final deliverables were to ensure that service desk and support personnel have received successful hand-over of all relevant documentation enabling them to support BAU activities in the transitioned state

October 2019

With the present project coming towards its conclusion (planned December 2019), it's still incredibly busy. Having successfully facilitated the technology and identity transition of over 2000 of my clients colleagues, focus now is on maintaining momentum

June 2019

In the past year, I've been working closely with the business, technical teams, and project delivery teams to engage and facilitate a large techology transition. Recent focus has been very much on communication of the change delivery programme

June 2018

Having concluded my last appointment, it's time to commence a new transition delivery role for a new client

March 2018

I put together and delivered a strategy to the investors in which I recommended that the Head of IT role is made permanent for a successor to take on in a BAU capacity.

February 2018

To reduce overhead and improve the user experience in IT, I embarked on a project to decomission a Citrix Environment and replace it with PC's and Laptops. This also involved creating a robust imaging process from scratch.

January 2018

Having overseen the closure of several premises no longer required by my client, and having relocated or decommissioned associated equipment and applications, I'm presently engaged in transitioning on-premise platforms and services to the Microsoft Azure cloud.

December 2017

Having hit the ground running in November, I've made great inroads towards decommissioning, separating, and newly provisioning services. Most notably, I brokered a legal framework between KPMG and a third-party Managed Services provider in order to enable consultative and managed services support to the business.

November 2017

Monarch Aircraft Engineering have appointed me as their interim Head of IT. I report directly to the CEO and am responsible for transition management of all IT services and facilities. It promises to be an exceptionally challenging role involving negotiating with the Monarch Airline administrators KPMG, the appointment of third party partners to assist in the transition, and to not only maintain an existing IT department, but to breathe new life into it and deliver exceptional service.

Wish me luck!

October 2017

I am taking a little time out before actively seeking my next interim appointment.

September 2017

The final handover to my successor and the conclusion of my 2-year appointment.

August 2017

With my present contract due to end in September, a permanent replacement has been taken on by the business so I shall be shortly looking ahead towards my next interim role.

July 2017

A number of IT activities and projects are now underway with the announcement of Holland & Barrett being sold by my client, Nature's Bounty. My team and I have been working closely with counterparts in the US to begin the process of migrating away services held in a Holland & Barrett datacentre which other parts of the business rely upon.

June 2017

This month's focus has been very much on renewing IT policy for the business and the team are beginning to plan bitesize training sessions as part of the refresh.

May 2017

By far the highest priority has been BAU and planning for a reconfiguration of the WAN topology across several premises to increase performance and resilience.

April 2017

Having just implemented NetSuite there have been a number of challenges we've had to retrospectively address in regards to QoS on the WAN, and Group Policies that affect deployment of Windows 10 updates. We've also updated our Windows 10 base-image for deployment over PXE Boot.

March 2017

All hands on deck for the rollout of a new ERP solution, NetSuite.

This has involved deploying 4x Servers and a Pre-Prod Server (all 2012 R2) plus a number of Windows 10 laptops for production and Windows 7 laptops for training.

February 2017

I've just organised the procurement and distribution of mobile video conferencing units and am in the process of getting MiFi hotspots out to the field.

January 2017

I project managed the technical migration of all services from one site in London to another. Even such granularities as the dimensions of the Server Room and its flooring had to be carefully considered and the location and number of comms ports. The migration was successful and subsequent to the site move, a new Server was commissioned on site.

On a technical level, I've implemented a Ubuntu (non-gui) PXE Boot Server, and installed two 2016 Servers. I'm currently working on a project to implement  OpenDNS in conjunction with our American colleagues.

December 2016

Though only at the beginning of the month, already December looks to be incredibly busy with the delivery of a porter-cabin for a project team that needs power and comms, plus a full site move planned for the end of the month. As a result of November's efforts, I've received not one, but three formal messages of positive feedback from senior members of the business regards the performance of the team during a challenging few weeks.

November 2016

I successfully coordinated the streaming of a live presentation broadcast globally and have also managed a field-user device project to fruition culminating in the deployment of Windows 10 based Microsoft Surface Pro 4's.

I have also overseen a Wireless Site Survey for the purpose of determining a heat map for future Access Point deployments.

October 2016

I've been working on a process to simplify video conferencing facilities and convert a legacy wired system into a wireless one incorporating audio.

September 2016

My current task list contains a number of complex technical projects including:

  • Recruiting my replacement
  • Migrating user data to the Cloud based (Office365) OneDrive
  • Implementing BitLocker Encryption for locally cached data
  • Testing new Proxy management options to ensure user browsing is malware free and business appropriate
  • Organising a live-video-streaming corporate event

August 2016

As we head towards a new financial year for the business, I've been busy preparing summaries of the year to date plus projections and budgets for the year ahead.

July 2016

Having fulfilled the role I was recruiting for in June, the pace of work has not relented for my team or I. Recruiting is over, but on the horizon is a field-user device replacement project, more file Server replacements, and device encryption. My assignment is due to be renewed for the third and likely final time after which I will move on to a new venture.

June 2016

An inordinate amount to do and a limited amount of time in which to do it! As mentioned, my current assignment runs to July (at least!).

Currently on my agenda is:

  • Recruiting, Recruiting, Recruiting
  • File Server migration (Spain)
  • Two full site migrations (New Zealand and South Africa)
  • Reconfiguring DFS
  • Cisco UCCX (Unified Contact Center Express) upgrade to provision call-centre functionality and reporting

May 2016

Due to the highly positive effect of my engagement with the business, in late April my current client renewed my contract, extending my assignment to late July.

April 2016

In the short space of time I've been with my current client, I've seen and facilitated a huge amount of change. This year alone, I've:

  • Upskilled the team via a recruitment process to bring in new talent
  • Consolidated the local hardware estate, recycling legacy equipment to the WEEE directives
  • Recently concluded a migration of mobile phone services to a new provider
  • Increased monitoring and visibility of the estate for the team

January 2016

Since commencing my role just under four months ago I haven't had a moment to stop!

I've already achieved a great deal and have a wealth of challenges ahead. Roll on 2016 and Happy New Year!

October 2015

I have taken on a new and exciting role as an IT leader for a global business as International IT Manager.

September 2015

I've recently published four articles (accessible by clicking each one) on LinkedIn covering:


Storage Capacities

Password Management

Password Security

August 2015

Having successfully proven the failover of our primary site to our Disaster Recovery site using Hyper-V, I moved on from failing-over using the Hyper-V GUI to doing so via a comprehensive script. I wrote a PowerShell script from scratch which enumerates all of the virtual servers at both locations and performs health-checks before subsequently performing failover and reverse replication in a simple, automated fashion. I've been developing my Powershell skills of recent which has enabled me to streamline a number of complex and laborious tasks.

May 2015

I've accomplished so much since my new appointment late last year. I've attended a Hyper-V course and manage a fully Hyper-V infrastructure, plus the complementary Microsoft Management suites of SCVMM, SCOM, and SCCM. I've been exposed to a number of technologies which I've previously not experienced, and as always joining a new team lends itself new opportunities to both learn and mentor.

December 2014

Having been snapped-up by one of the UK's leading Financial and Sports spread betting companies, I'm now working in a hectic team; the most technically capable I've had the pleasure to be a part of in my entire career! I'm sure an exciting 2015 is ahead.

Merry Christmas and a prosperous 2015!

November 2014

I am now available to interview, and commence employment, in my next role with immediate effect.

Several recruiters have asked me whether I'm looking for something that takes advantage of my extensive technical skills or my comprehensive management experience. Well, I'm quite keen to maintain both. My ideal role would enable me to manage an infrastructure hands-on. In managerial roles, I'll ensure that the team has clear direction and is led from the front, demonstrating my ability to coordinate business strategy whilst acting as a final point of escalation for the technical issues. For roles that are technical in nature, I have the humility to take direction from my team-leader/manager and ensure I focus on the technical tasks at hand. If someone in the team needs to step up and manage a project or coordinate team members, I'd certainly be the person the team and management would gravitate towards.

October 2014

I'm very excited to announce my decision to seek a new challenge and will be available from early November!

My ideal role will take advantage of my strong management and leadership skills and my extensive technical acumen.

Project wise, I've recently instigated and managed a number of enterprise level projects including:

Business wide Windows XP to Windows 7 migration

Implementation of SAM (software asset management) tool 'Snow'

Recruitment of two new team members plus appointment of team leader

DMZ strengthening following penetration testing.

August 2014

Since April I've been incredibly busy having taken on an exciting opportunity to lead an infrastructure team as group IT manager for a £1bn turnover business. During the last couple of months I've achieved a great deal professionally, the pinnacles of which involved implementing a SAN-to-SAN WAN replication project for DR resiliency. My next project is to in-source an externally hosted mail solution for the business and upgrade it to Exchange 2013.

March 2014

Always eager to learn and on a journey of self-improvement both personally and professionally, I enrolled in and completed an 'Influencing Skills Foundation' course.

February 2014

Due to adverse weather conditions, power failed at the building in which I'm based. Keeping a focussed and calm approach, I ensured all of the UPS-powered IT equipment was powered down in an organised manner. Disaster recovery procedures were invoked and services were resumed for users connecting in remotely ensuring minimum disruption to the business. In addition February sees the completion of a Domain and Forest Upgrade from Windows 2003 to 2008 R2.

January 2014

I received contractual sign-off for an e-mail replacement project in which I am technical lead that will culminate in the migration of on-premise Lotus Domino services to Microsoft's fully hosted cloud services.

2012 / 2013

Performed offsite Disaster Recovery test evidencing the ability to recover all business IT systems (December 2013)

Performed corporate website migration (May 2013)

Implemented SFTP Server solution (January 2013)

Prominent member of the team which won "IT Team Of The Year" at the Retail Systems Awards (October 2012)

Implemented VMWare vSphere 5 Environment (September 2012)


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